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Cardiovascular Surgery

Our Cardiovascular Surgery Department is equipped with state of the art non-invasive and invasive diagnostic facilities. With two cardiac catheterization laboratories, electrophysiology, respiratory medicine laboratories, a fully equipped angio and hybrid operating theater and armed with a 64-slice CT, a 128-slice double source CT, a 1.5 Tesla MRI, and a 3 Tesla MRI we can provide a one-stop comprehensive diagnostic facility for heart and lung diseases.

Our cardiovascular surgeons also perform Open-Heart Surgery:

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery (on and off pump)
  • Heart valve repair and replacements
  • Heart failure surgery
  • Surgical management of diseases of the aorta
  • Surgery for congenital heart disease

At the Vascular Surgery Department, our specialists prevent, diagnose and treat diseases involving the blood and lymphatic vessels of the human body, with exception of the vessels inside the brain and the heart.  

Our vascular surgeons perform the following procedures:

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