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The Laboratory Service is the establishment of the health care system and the structural subdivisions of medical preventive or sanitary-preventive institutions intended for carrying out various medical research.

Laboratory medicine obtain information about our health condition to provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Clinical Biochemistry gives us information about organ-related diseases, metabolic disorders and determined with immunological methods tumor markers, hormones and drug levels, also shows inflammatory status and blood condition of our organism.

Our center uses only advanced medical equipment from leading world manufacturers ABBOTT (ARCHITECT c8000, i2000SR, USA.) and Siemens Technology(Germany), which guarantees an objective image obtained as a result of the research.

Our Laboratory service offer a variety of tests for a short time with high sensitive and high-quality testing results with a maximum throughput of up to 3000 tests per hour.

ABBOTT Track Systems are an automated analytical system, used to perform all the investigation automatically and to storage samples for 15 days in appropriate conditions, which is very important to minimalize the traumatization of patients.

The Sysmex® CS-5100 Hemostasis System is a high-volume coagulation analyzer for detection of clotting system disorders.

Our fully automated flow cytometer urine analyzer Sysmex UF-4000, UC-3500, UD-10 (Urine Track System) represents the latest in urinalysis technology and reveal more than 40 parameters in a minimal time, and also pathology and their localization (kidney stones), their genesis (hematuria).

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