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Have some Questions?

  1. Is it important to make an appointment before applying to your hospital services?

 Yes, it is.

  1. Which documents should I bring with myself when I visit hospital for the use of your services?

You should bring your identity card when you visit to our hospital for the use of our services.

  1. Do the doctors in your hospital work full-time or part-time?

The doctors in our hospital work full-time.

  1. Who can I talk to about questions or problems with my bill?

When you meet any problem on your bill you can contact the head of Patient Services.

  1. I do not know which doctor I should consult about my health. How can I know which doctor I should consult?

You can contact 901 and consult our physician-coordinators for advice. 

  1. Can a doctor from another hospital operate on me in your hospital?

A doctor from another hospital could not perform operation in our hospital.

  1. Do you have ambulance services outside of the city?

Our ambulance still serves just inside the city.

  1. What is your emergency number?

Our emergency service number is 900.

  1. Do you have medical check-up services? What is included in your medical check-up?

At our hospital there are different types of check-up packages with different conditions and different prices.

  1. What are visiting hours in your hospital?

Our visiting hours are between 18.00-20.00 p.m.  

  1. Can the doctors of your hospital examine a patient outside of the hospital (in other hospitals or in home conditions)?

No. Just in-home medical care services are planned in the future.