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General Surgery Center of Liv Bona Dea International Hospital has service opportunities in worldwide standards with a medical staff who has the knowledge and experience to provide diagnosis and treatment of all cancerous and non-cancerous diseases, as well as with equipment and infrastructure which integrate classic treatment methods with contemporary technology, surgical treatment methods where innovative methods are applied through approaching each patient individually.

BD Gen sur2 minThe concept of “specialized surgeon” in general surgery

General surgery which is one of the most important and wide range areas of the medicine; gradually gives its place to private surgery due to the diseases and various treatments of organs which is an area of interest in general surgery, as well as rapid development of technology and increased diversity of surgical techniques in terms of development in these areas. Therefore, the “general surgeon” who focus on every subject also gains a “special surgeon” status by specializing in different areas of general surgery.

In this regard, General Surgery Center of Bona Dea International Hospital serves with its academic and expert staff specialized in different fields. Patients have an opportunity to get quality service in all sub-branches of general surgery without seeking a specialist. Besides that, it also benefits from council evaluations, where surgical procedures are not based on individual decisions but on group decisions. After a general diagnosis, the patients are forwarded to the relevant specialist and disease-specific planning is made on a treatment.

Endocrine surgery involving benign diseases and cancers of the thyroid; surgery for benign tumors of the breast and breast cancers; hepato-pancreato-biliary system surgeries involving liver, bile ducts, gallbladder and pancreas; surgery of anorectal diseases, gallstones and hernias; as well as cancers involving esophagus, stomach, anal region together with small and large intestine are performed by experienced teams.

BD Gen sur lap minLaparoscopic procedures:

  • Cholecystectomy and treatment of common bile duct stones
  • Appendectomy
  • Varicocele
  • Hernia repair
  • Bowel resection
  • Splenectomy
  • Surgery on gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and hiatal hernia repair

Surgeries and Procedures Performed at the General Surgery Center of Bona Dea International Hospital:

Breast Surgery

Treatment of benign tumors and cancers of the breast in our breast center; surgical techniques, personalized surgical approaches, provision of patient comfort, and multidisciplinary understanding are simultaneously applied in the most advanced centers of the world. In breast cancer, only removal of the tumor part and protection of the breast integrity are taken as a basis. If tumors develop at some focal points of the breast at the same time, mastectomy, which is the removal of whole breast, is performed together with plastic and reconstructive surgeries in the same session in order to provide breast aesthetics, so the patient’s risk of organ loss is eliminated.

Endocrine surgery

These are the surgical treatments applied in the diseases of the endocrine glands that require surgery. Benign and malignant diseases of the thyroid gland, nodular goiter, toxic nodular goiter, thyroid cancer, parathyroid gland diseases, adrenal gland diseases and tumors, surgical treatment of benign diseases and tumors in pancreas are performed within the scope of endocrine surgery. Special procedures are applied to prevent sound losses and bleeding that adversely affect patient comfort in the thyroid and parathyroid surgery at the General Surgery Center of Bona Dea International Hospital. The risk of bleeding is reduced by closing the vessel at the required place with the support of “energy devices” that is used during surgery. During the surgical procedures, nerve monitorization is also used to protect vocal cords that enable an individual to speak, and the surgeon is able to control the function of the nerve during the procedure.

Liver, pancreas, gallbladder surgery (hepatopancreatobiliary surgery)

In a general surgery; benign diseases and tumors of the liver, pancreas and bile ducts are treated under the name of Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery. International techniques are used in the surgery of gastrointestinal system tumors at the General Surgery Center of Bona Dea International Hospital. The patients are assessed before cancer surgeries at oncology council, all branch doctors’ opinions are taken about the disease, then most appropriate surgical methods are used for the patient.

Gastroenterological Surgery

Surgical treatment of benign diseases and cancers found in the stomach, small and large intestine, esophagus and rectum are performed under the name of gastroenterology surgery. At the General Surgery Center of Bona Dea International Hospital, the most appropriate surgical techniques are determined for the patients evaluated by the council decision, advanced surgical technologies applied in the most advanced cancer centers in the world are provided for the patients. In surgical oncology, most of the surgeries are performed with laparoscopy, which is a closed surgical method, so the patient has a comfortable and fast rehabilitation period after the procedure and gains enough time for additional treatments. In gastroenterology surgery, especially intestinal cancer surgery with metastasized liver is successfully performed.

Colorectal surgery

Experienced and specialized team in this area, advanced technology and equipment are required for the correct diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases (diseases of the colon, rectum and anal region) that are common in a society. General Surgery Center of Bona Dea International Hospital seeks to settle the problems in this area through providing correct diagnosis and high-level treatment options for the patients. In colorectal surgery; the surgical treatment of anal and perianal warts together with colorectal cancer, internal and external hemorrhoids, constipation, anal fissure, perianal abscess and fistulas, fecal incontinence, enterocele, pilonidal sinus, anal itching is performed in colorectal surgery.

Organ transplantation

Organ transplantation is carried out with modern equipment by a professional staff at Bona Dea Organ Transplantation Center, especially in our liver and renal transplantation center.









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