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We give importance to nursing education in order to be respected individuals who contribute to both professional and individual development of our nurses who are an important part of Bonadea International Hospital Treatment and Care team, can provide reliable and high quality health care services, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The trainings of our nurses are provided in accordance with JCI hospital quality standards by the current academic and practical vocational trainings in the simulation patient rooms equipped with advanced academic equipment and in the classrooms equipped with advanced technological equipments and with qualified academician trainers.

Our aim; to train nationally and internationally leading nurses who always adhere to patient rights and ethical principles and implement the principles of scientific evidence-based, patient-centered care.


Basic Nursing Practice Training

– Systematic examination and evaluation

– Safe drug applications

– Injection applications

– Drug dose calculations and Liquid treatment

– Patient transport lifting and transfer

– Vital Observation and Liquid Tracking

– Hygienic patient care

– Peripheral – Urinary-Nazogastric catheter applications

– Safe blood and blood products transfusion

– Surgical safety – Preoperative and postoperative patient care

– Drain monitoring and maintenance

– Sampling

– Blood collection and culture

– Use of medical device-Equipment

Nursing Orientation Trainings

Nursing Care Standards Developer Trainings

Infection Control Methods Trainings

Basic Life Support (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation-CPR) Trainings

Guide / Shift supervisor nurse training

Emergency Nursing Course

Intensive Care Nursing Course

Operating Room Nursing Course

In-service trainings appropriate to clinics

Our Professional Team

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