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BD gozAt Liv Bona Dea International Hospital diagnosis, treatment and surgical operations of various eye diseases are performed at the highest level with the most up-to-date medical equipment. National and European professional doctors serve patients at the hospital. The equipment of eye department is the most up-to-date and advanced technology.

Here the treatment and diagnosis of the following eye diseases are performed:

  • Refractive defects – Diagnosis of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, determination of the correct glasses and contact lenses
  • Corneal Diseases (keratoconus, infectious diseases of the cornea, hereditary diseases of the cornea, dystrophies in the cornea)
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Diseases (retinal pathologies related to diabetes mellitus, hemorrhages in the retina associated with high arterial pressure, retinal diseases related to age etc.)
  • Uveitis (Uveitis due to rheumatology, infectious uveitis etc.)
  • Strabismus (Internal, external strabismus, vertical strabismus, strabismus appeared as a result of paralysis, double vision complaints caused by thyroid pathologies)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of visual nerve diseases
  • Oculoplasty, orbital diseases
  • Diagnostics and treatment of thyroid orbitopathy patients
  • Diagnosis and treatment of orbital (orbital cavity) inflammatory diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases with malignant and benign tumors. In our hospital diagnosis of eye oncological diseases is carried out in different ways for the first time in Azerbaijan
  • Follow-up and treatment of hemangiomas in the eyelid.
  • The following surgical procedures are performed in the eye department of our hospital:
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Strabismus Surgery
  • Pterigium surgery
  • Oculoplastic surgeries
  • Tear duct blockage surgery
  • DSR (dacryosystorhinostomy)
  • Newborn tear duct blockage (Probing)
  • Surgical treatment of lacrimal punctum pathologies
  • Reconstruction of cut tear ducts
  • Insertion of conformers into the eye socket or enlarging eye socket with surgical procedures in order to provide face development in babies who are born with lack of eyeball (anophthalmia) or small eyeball (microphthalmia).
  • Ectropion – the transformation of the eyelid into the inside
  • Entropion – turn the eyelid towards the outside
  • Surgeries of malignant and benign tumors in upper and lower lids and their reconstruction
  • Oriblefaron – vertical shrinkage of the lids and wider horizontally
  • Epiblepharon – in-turning of the inner side of the lower eyelid in childen
  • Removal of the eyeball (evisceration, enucleation). This procedure is performed if the eye disturbs the patient as aesthetically after trauma of malignant tumor. After surgery prosthetic eye is prepared in order to make patient satisfy with her/his appearance.


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