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Our Pharmacy supports 24/7 distribution and clinical pharmacy services provided by specialized pharmacy staff according to the highest standards of medication safety.

Our Hospital is the first hospital in Azerbaijan to implement a closed loop medication management system. This means that from prescribing of the drugs until administration of the drugs to the patient, all steps are controlled and guaranteed. To ensure that the right drugs are administered to the right patient at the right time, the closed loop medication management system consists of five steps:

  • All drugs need to be prescribed using an e-prescription under the responsibility of a physician;
  • The pharmacist will check on contra-indications with the support of medication software;
  • A fully automated medication packages machine will pack the prescribed drugs in a sterile unidose;
  • The drugs will be distributed in locked and controlled Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC’s);
  • Before administrating the drugs to the patient the nurse will scan the QR code on both the wristband of the patient and on the medication.

In general, our Pharmacy provides the following services:

  • Storage of drugs
  • Distribution of drugs
  • Preparation of drugs: If necessary, our pharmacists can prepare specific, custom-made drugs for patients. Examples of drug preparation are ointments or oncological drugs for cancer treatment which need to be prepared just before admission to the patient. These drugs are prepared in a special sterile environment in laminar airflow (LAF) cabinets. In addition, we also have a separate LAF cabinet for sterile (drugs) preparations (for example an injection for a morphine pump). We also have an automated packing and dispensing system which allows us unit-dose packaging. This is the first installation of its kind in the entire CIS-region. This solution allows and ensures us that all drugs are repacked from the original package in a unidose package under sterile conditions and that the drugs are still completely traceable by lot number, expiry date, description, patient`s name etc. This all is implemented according to the highest possible standards in medication safety.
  • Support of quality: Our Pharmacy has a couple of support tasks:
    • Advising on the quality of the central sterilization process;
    • Active presence in the committee for hospital infection control and prevention, medical material committee and medical pharmaceutical committee;
    • Active role in training and advising (doctors, nurses, porters, etc.) involved in the drugs process.

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