Dr. Firuza Ganiyeva


Education Info:

09.2013 -06.2017

Audiology (M.A –3.20) – Hacettepe University –Turkey/Ankara

Work experience:


Bona Dea International Hospital, Audiologist – Diagnostics and rehabilitation of hearing, speech and vestibular system problems


Audiologist – Diagnostics and rehabilitation of hearing, speech and vestibular system problems, Central Customs Hospital


Audiology intern, Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Training and Research Hospital –Turkey/Ankara


Audiology intern, Hacettepe Universitety Hospital, Department of Otolaryngology –Tukey/Ankara

Participation in courses and seminars:

Series of Webinars organized by the Turkish Association of Audiologists and Speech Disorders Professionals – Ankara/ Turkey (08.06.2020-09.07.2020)

Online Pediatric Audiology Symposium – Ankara/ Turkey (14.05.2020-16.05.2020)

ABR, Product, Software Trainings – Istanbul (06.11.2018)

 Attend a 6-hour lecture on ABR, devices and programs

International Audiology Congress – Ankara/ Turkey (13.05.2017-14.05.2017)

National Audiology Congress – Ankara (04.2015)

Participation in the 2-day National Audiology Congress. Turkey/ Ankara

Vestibular Disorders – Ankara (10.10.2014 -12.10.2014)

Participation in the 2-day International Vertigo Forum.

Audiology and Speech Disorders Congress – Ankara (15.03.2014 –17.03.2014)

MS Office Programs –Baku (2012)

Attended the 5-day Microsoft Office Programs course.

Honors Degree (06,2017)

Graduated from the university with honors.

Secondary School (2007)

Finished secondary school with good grades.

Treated diseases:

Hearing evaluation in children and adults  

Newborn hearing screening

Impedance measurements – measurement of external ear canal, middle ear values

Prescription and program adjustment of hearing aids or cochlear implants for people with hearing impairments

Aural rehabilitation programs for recovering hearing and understanding in people with hearing aids

Elimination of speech disorders – speech delay, articulation problems (problem with pronunciation of sounds), speech disorders caused by cleft palate and cleft lip, stammer and other disorders

Speech recovery in people with comorbidities, intellectual disability, syndromes 

Voice therapy

Elimination of swallowing disorder

Vestibular (dizziness and balance disorders) diagnostics and rehabilitation

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