Dr. med. Igor Petzold


Dr. med. Igor Petzold


Education Info:

1972-1982                             Primary School and Gymnasium (Kharkov, Ukraine)

1982                                       High-School Exam

1982-1988                             Study of Human Medicine at the Medical University (Kharkov, Ukraine)

1988                                       Doctoral Exam

Work Experience:

1988-1989   Anesthesia Resident (University Hospital in Kharkov, Ukraine)

1989-1992   Physician Assistant in Anesthesiology (University Hospital in Kharkov, Ukraine)

10.1992-03.1993   Medical Manager for Health Insurance Company “MASKO” (Kharkov, Ukraine)

03.1993-08.1993   Physician Assistant at the Regional Hospital for Oncology, Department of Intensive Care (Kharkov, Ukraine)

01.1995-07.1995   Fellowship “Qualifizierung für Klinik und Praxis” Mibeg-Institute (Berlin, Germany)

07.1995-08.1997   Physician Assistant of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department Martin Luther Hospital (Berlin, Germany)

08.1997-02.2004    Scientific Researcher Assistant at the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care,  Virchow Clinic, Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany)

09.2003    Anesthesiologist Specialist Exam

04.2004-12.2005    Anesthesiologist at the department of anesthesia, university clinic (Groningen, Netherlands)

01.2006-08.2006    Founder of private anesthesiology clinic (day treatment) (Cottbus, Germany)

Since 09.2006    Anesthesiologist at the department of anesthesiology, university clinic (Groningen, Netherlands)


Pediatric Anesthesia (newborns, Liver-Tx in newborns, regional blocks, spinal and epidural anesthesia)

Neuroanesthesia (seated position, awake craniotomy)

Large abdominal surgery, esophageal resection, hepatobiliary surgery including Liver – Tx, high risk vascular surgery (AAA, carotid disorder)

Intensive Care (different ventilation techniques, MARS Dialysis, Citrate Dialysis, CVVHF, ECMO, Neurocritical Care, Transplant Intensive Care)

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