Dr. Nahid Mammadov


Work experience:

Bona Dea International Hospital – Ophthalmologist (May 2021-until now)

BHT Clinic Istanbul Tema Hospital – Ophthalmologist (2020-2021)

Bati Bahat Hospital Istanbul – Ophthalmologist (2014-2019)


Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Eye Disease (2009-2014)

Azerbaijan Medical University – II Treatment and Prevention Faculty (2000-2006)

Guba Private Turkish Lyceum (1994-2000)


Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Ophthalmological Society

Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Society

Clinical experience / Surgeries:

  • About 15,000 eye surgeries;
  • Cataract surgeries (secondary lens implantation, trifocal lens implantation, changing monofocal lenses to trifocal);
  • Medical and surgical treatment of retinal diseases, vitrectomy;
  • Medical and surgical treatment for glaucoma (high pressure in the eye);
  • Strabismus (crossed eyes) and its surgical treatment;
  • Esthetical and plastic surgeries for eyelid diseases;
  • Laser refractive surgery (ilasik smile no-touch);
  • Medical treatment of cornea diseases;
  • Keratoplasty for non-recovering cornea diseases;
  • Treatment for keratoconus diseases (cross linking, corneal ring implantation);
  • Treatment for Ptk cornea staining;
  • Uveitis treatment, surgical treatment of complications;
  • Laser treatment of retinal vein diseases and eye injections;