Nurida Gocayeva



“Zekalar” lyceum No. 287,  2000 – 2011

Azerbaijan Medical University – Faculty of Pharmacy  2011-2015

Diploma thesis – “Research of alkaloids in the Berberidaceae”

Work experience:

2015-2016 – Zafaran pharmacy – pharmacist

2019-2020 – Kanon pharmacy – pharmacist

2020 – Bona Dea International Hospital – clinical pharmacist

Job responsibilities:

  1. To accept prescriptions and orders of doctors and to ensure the release of drugs and medical products in accordance with them;
  2. Prepare medicines and check their quality by control methods;
  3. Participate in the reception of medicines, their distribution in places of storage;
  4. To ensure the storage of medicines and medical products in accordance with existing rules and their physical and chemical properties.

Training and seminars:

1)Certificate of Certification 07.12.2020 AF №000619

Date of execution of the certificate: 08.12.2020

Valid: 08.12.2025

2) “Pharmacovigilance: Additional effects of drugs and methods of prescription”

3) Webinar “Important factors of antibiotic therapy in pediatrics” 03.04.2021


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