Dr. Parisa Jalili


Work experience:

1.Azerbaijan, Bona Dea International Hospital (16.10.21 _till now)

2.Azerbaijan, Baku, Baku dent dentistry clinic (01.05.2016 – 30.09.2021)

Working as a freelance dentist

3.Azerbaijan, Baku, Ugur dent dentistry clinic (05.03.2015 – 30.04.3016)

Working as a freelance dentist

4.Azerbaijan, Baku, ASF dentistry clinic (15.09.2013 – 30.02.2015 )

Working as a general dentist by Local agreement

5.Iran, Kermanshah Emam clinic (10.03.2012 – 30.04.2013)

Working as a freelance general dentist

6.Iran, Tehran Labkhand dentistry clinic ( 01.07.2011 – 30.09.2011)

Working as a freelance general dentist by percentage


2011-2013 General Dentistry /Compulsory service, Iran kermanshah government medical university/ Complementary period

2006-2011 General Dentistry, Azerbaijan medical university

2004-2007/Refusal in the 3rd year, Radiology Engineering, Iran Shahid Beheshti Government medical university


Native: Azerbaijan and Persian

English: Excellent

Turkish: excellent

Work areas:


Esthetic restoration (ceramic veneer/composite veneer)


Prosthetic (fixed and removable) full dentures

Teeth extracting


Thesis and certification and membership:

Thesis a bout comparing reciprocal and mtwo rotary files in 2013

Passing Azerbaijan certification exam in 2018

Membership of Iranian General Dentist Association


  1. International symposium of dentistry 2018
  2. Theoretical course, seminar on Orth odontology, endodontology, implantology 2014
  3. Stylo Italiano restoration of frontal teeth and consideration a bout adhesive system
  4. Direct posterior restoration. simplifying occlusal surface and bonding 5. And lots of other courses and webinars

More information:

Having permit for Permanent residence card from Azerbaijan state migration service and permit for work in Azerbaijan republic till -04.2026

Study in Azerbaijan medical university and graduation evaluation in Iran islam republic from 2011-2013

Working in some clinic by percentage and some of them rent a room and work freelance

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