Dr. Samir Jalilov


Dr. Samir Jalilov


Education Info:

Residency: 2012-2016 Health Sciences University Istanbul Education and Research Hospital Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ABD/ Istanbul

High education: Azerbaijan Medical University 1997-2004

Secondary education: Sheki School of Humanitarian and Physics Mathematics-oriented lyceum 1992-1997

Primary education: Sheki School  No. 18 1986-1992

Work experience:

Bona Dea International Hospital 2019 –   currently

Dogha Hospital/Istanbul 2017 – 2019

Intermed/ Baku clinic   2010-2012

Sheki City Central Regional Hospital / doctor therapist 2005-2010


29-30.06.2019 Practical Prolotherapy Course III. Prolotherapy Association / Denizli, Turkey

24-26.05.2019 Practical Manual Therapy II. Neural Therapy Association. / Istanbul, Turkey

09-10.02. 2019 Practical Prolotherapy Course II. Prolotherapy Association / Denizli, Turkey                

Practical Manual Therapy Training 1-21.1.2018/Istanbul

Dry needling course led by David G. Simons Academy 28-30.6.2017/Ankara

Manual Therapy Course (Prf. Todor Todorov)  13-15.5.2017 /Ankara

1 Sport Rehabilitation Days: Approach to Groin Pain in Athletes Symposium 15.10.2016 / Istanbul

Physical therapy and rehabilitation Course Days Congress, Manual Therapy Course 28.4-1.5.2016/Izmir

Physical therapy and rehabilitation Course Days Congress, Botulinum Toxin application course 28.4-1.5.2016/Izmir

Physical therapy and rehabilitation Course Days Congress, Neural Therapy practice course 28.4-1.5.2016/Izmir

Neurogenic Bladder in Multiple Sclerosis Symposium 1.4.2016 / Istanbul

14 Physical therapy and rehabilitation Uludağ Symposium poster presentation 3-6.3.2016 /Uludagh, Bursa

14 Rheumatism and Pain Association Winter Workshop 13-14.2.2016 /Istanbul

Turkish Rheumatism Research and Fighting Association (TRASD)  3.winter school  16-17.1.2016/Izmir

Acute Stroke Rehabilitation Assembly 9.1.2016/ Istanbul

Injection Camp / Camp Inject  23-25.10.2015 / Antalya

Manipulation Workshop 10.10.2015/ Istanbul

25th National Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress, oral presentation 22-26.4.2015/ Antalya

Injection, PRP and Ultrasonography course 4-5.4.2015/Antalya

Baltalimani Walking Analysis course 27-28.03.2015 / Istanbul

Musculoskeletal System PRP application course 4.3.2015/İstanbul

Marmara Physical therapy and rehabilitation Interventional Algology Day 22.12.2014 / Istanbul

XII Medulla Spinalis Injuries Symposium 06.12.2014 / Istanbul

Injection Camp Advanced / Camp Inject  23-25.10.2014 / Antalya

XVI Ismet Chetinyalchin Days 17.10.2014/Istanbul

Kinesiology Taping Course 24.05.2014 / Istanbul

Introduction to Manual Therapy Course 18-20.4.2014/Antalya

Turkish Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (TSPMR) III. Summer School 26-27.4.2014/ Istanbul

Turkish Rheumatology Congress with international participation 25-29.3. 2014/ Antalya

World Congress for Neurorehabilition 8-12.04.2014 / İstanbul

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