Dr. Sule Canberk


Dr. Canberk received his medical degree from Trakya Medical University in Edirne, Turkey. This was followed by residency in surgical pathology at Istanbul Educational and Research Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. After receiving her cytology fellowship diploma in 2010 and worked 6 years in several institutes in Turkey, she joined the PhD programme of Molecular Pathology and Genetics in Porto university, Portugal in 2017. Dr. Canberk also continuing the academic bound with Acıbadem University, Pathology and Cytopathology department. She has authored 25 peer reviewed publications in leading pathology and cytopathology journals, and two book chapters; she has delivered numerous lectures, workshops and short courses both at the national and international meetings including IAC and AOTA. Dr. Canberk is currently member in the membership committee of Papanicolaou society of Cytopathology.

She is dedicated to cytopathology and pathology of thyroid. She had periods of observership in the University of Pennsylvania Cytopathology department in 2012 and 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Zubair Baloch.

Currently, she is a member of a research group “Cancer signaling and metabolism” in IPATIMUP/İ3S and continue to work on her thesis project “The genetic basis and phenotypic variation of oncocytic tumors.” under the supervision of Prof. Valdemar Mâximo and Prof. Paula Soares.

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