terane huseynli onkoloq

Dr. Tarana Huseynli


Education Info:

Azerbaijan State Medical University, General Medicine – 2, 09/2007-06/2013

Work experience:

09/2021 – … Bona Dea International Hospital

12/2019 Kurdakhani Health Centre, Oncologist

2013-2018- Worked under the supervision of Prof. Sevinj Giyasbeyli in №1 Chemotherapy Department under the management of R.Zeynalov.

2013 – Resident doctor on Oncology specialty of Azerbaijan State Institute for Improvement of Physicians

Worked in different surgical departments during residency period – Abdominal, Thoracic surgery, Oncourology, Oncogynecology, Radiology departments.


06.12.2013 “Modern examination and treatment methods of cancer disease”

20-23.10.2016 “The Second Azerbaijani-Turkish Oncology Days”

27.10.2017 “New trends for the improvement of ultrasound diagnostic”

02.02.2018 “Multidisciplinary approach to the application of regenerative cells in different fields of medicine. Secret of youth and self-healing process”

15-16.09.2018 “International Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Conference”

15-16.03.2019 III German-Azerbaijani Radiology and Neuroradiology Symposium”

04.05.2019 “Multidisciplinary approach to the diagnostic and management of malignant tumors”

15-16.05.2019 Russian-Azerbaijani scientific-practical conference.

Antimicrobic therapy and clinical microbiology”