Nargiz Mammadli



Secondary school No. 169 – graduated in 2015

Azerbaijan Medical University

Bachelor: Faculty of Pharmacy 2011-2015

Graduation thesis: “Therapeutic cosmetology products”

Master: Department of Pharmacognosy 2018-2020 (DIPLOMA OF DIFFERENCE)

Dissertation topic: “Some pharmacognostic studies of the Transcaucasian catmint plant (Nepeta transcaucasica)”

Certificate of Certification confirming the right to engage in practical medicine or pharmaceutical activity

AF №000623

Date of execution of Certification: 20.01.2021

Valid: 20.01.2026

Work experience:

Bona Dea International Hospital

Clinical pharmacist

March 2020 – currently


  1. To accept prescriptions and orders of doctors and to ensure the release of drugs and medical products in accordance with them;
  2. Prepare medicines and check their quality by control methods;
  3. Participate in the reception of medicines, their distribution in places of storage;
  4. To ensure the storage of medicines and medical products in accordance with existing rules and their physical and chemical properties.

Aura clinic

Doctor cosmetologist


Procedures performed:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Contour plasty
  • Plasmalifting
  • Apparatus cosmetology (Darsonval, ultrasound therapy, myostimulation)

Diploma and Certificates:

1) ATUREK 7 – 7th scientific-practical conference of AMU residents dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev –DIPLOMA

2) “Germaine de cappucini” aesthetic center, general and injection cosmetology course – CERTIFICATE

3) FILORGA – injection technologies – DIPLOMA

4) MD Skin Solutions – Expert day CERTIFICATE

5) LUMINERA – Dermal fillers with hydroxytite technique – CERTIFICATE


7) Martinex – chemical peelings – DIPLOMA

8) Webinar named “Important factors of antibiotic therapy in pediatrics” – CERTIFICATE

9) “V International Scientific Congress on “MODERN PROBLEMS OF PHARMACY” – April 23-24, 2021 – CERTIFICATE

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