Dr. Shaig Mahmudov


Dr. Shaig Mahmudov


Education Info:

2001-2005 Baku Ataturk Lyceum

2005-2011 Azerbaijan Medical University

2015-2016 Gesundheitszentrum  Reha-Med  Sinsheim  (Germany)

Work Experience:

2018 – … Bona Dea International Hospital

2016-2018 “Reha-Med Germany & Azerbaijan” Rehabilitation center  –  Medical Director /      Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation physician

2015-2016 “Reha-Med Germany & Azerbaijan” Rehabilitation center – Physiotherapist and  Rehabilitation physician

2013- 2014 use to work in several hospitals

2011- 2012  Millitary doctor assistant

2007-2010  Sanitary-Quarantine Inspectorate of the Azerbaijan Republic  –  Middle-qualified medical advisor

Postgraduation Courses:

06.06.2015- 13.06.2015    Trigger points. Kinesio-taping. Myofascial Pain. course    Germany course

28.06.15-13.07.15 . Ergo-therapy , Mirror therapy, Constrained-induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)  course    Germany

13.09.2015-28.09.2015 Back pain concept diagnostic, treatment and training. Sport therapy course   Germany

05.01.2016-10.01.2016   “Milon- circle” training. Standard, adaptive, isokinetic training methods in physiotherapy  course  Germany

01.03.2016- 15.03.2016  Treatment methods in physiotherapy   Baku

10.02.2017 Robotic rehabilitation , radiofrequency and stem cell treatment methods in lumbar and cervical herniations. Baku

01.03.2018-03.05.2018   “Diploma in Football Medicine” course   FIFA

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