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The basic principle in medicine is not to harm the patient.

 Central Sterile Services Department has a great responsibility for ensuring sterilization safety and preventing the spread of infection.

The first step of this principle consists of safe sterilization processing and its organization. We believe that international quality in healthcare is the main right of our patients.

Since its establishment in the health sector, our hospital has aimed to produce unique solutions for infection control and to provide sterilization services in compliance with the international standards.

 Our Central Sterile Services Department is a department that serves according to the Joint Commission International (JCI) standards, as well as uses the requirements of quality control system in the services provided.

In addition, quality standards of sterilization service have been developed based on the objectives of World Health Organization, the latest international improvements, needs and priorities of the country health system.

Our hospital’s experienced engineering team specialized on biomedical technology offers a magnificent solution partnership to our department.

Our team of engineers and service technicians provide technical, calibration, validation services and they are pioneers in their sector.

Our department has been equipped with the latest and state-of-art disinfection equipment in the world.

Our Central Sterile Services Department consists of executive department manager, epidemiologist, nurse, technician and assistant personnel.

Our mission: Transfer and delivery of the material to be sterilized in the Central Sterilization Department from the fields of usage to the sterilization unit, pre-cleaning and decontamination, preparation and transport to the maintenance area, counting, maintenance and control, packaging, sterilization, storage and maintenance of sterility.

In addition, periodic maintenance and technical supervision of all types of medical supplies and instruments according to the instructions is also fulfilled.

Patient and employee safety, performance in compliance with current national and international guidelines, continuous process improvement, continuous education, monitorization and reporting are our mission.

Our department is a dynamic centre providing 24/7 continuous service which is close to operating theatre, away from hospital traffic, renders an uninterrupted service, plans a material flow direction from dirty area to clean area, from clean area to sterile area and unidirectionally in accordance with architectural standards, maintains decontamination, packaging, sterilization, storage and a preparation for reuse.

 The department was built architecturally in accordance with the world standards of sterilization. Thus, it meets international standards with its floors, walls, ceilings, ventilation, lightening, design, infrastructure and installation. Ventilation of the Central Sterile Services Department and the quality of used water complies with standards.

Ventilation and quality water producing system of the hospital is run at a high level and operates 24/7 uninterruptedly.

Our department is decisive in respect of operating according to the business ethics rules and standards at a high level. We feel honoured to have established a central sterile services department which is recognized nationally and internationally as performance-oriented, focused on specialization, having team spirit and harmony, believing in the continuity of individual improvement and education.

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