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BD UrolojiDiagnostics and treatment of urogenital organ diseases are performed in the Urology department of our hospital. In the department equipped with modern medical equipment, our highly qualified doctors carry out all types of urological examination and treatment methods, procedures, open and closed (endoscopic, laparoscopic) surgeries. Modern methods of treatment used in the department show high efficiency in the treatment of renal diseases. Highly qualified specialists of the urology department, operation theatre equipped with the latest features of modern medical technology, anesthesiology and patient rooms are ready to serve you 7 days-24 hours.

Currently, the Urology Department carries out a wide range of surgeries and procedures in the following areas of modern urology:

Polyclinic Services

* Uroflowmetry

* Urinary bladder instillation (injection of chemicals into the bladder)

* Breaking up of kidney stones with sound wave lithotripsy (ESWL)

* Catheter insertion into the ureter

* Placement of cystostomy



Endourology encompasses most of the urological surgeries and provides an examination, diagnosis and treatment of the urinary system without incision. In compare to other surgical treatment methods, much better outcomes can be achieved with Endourological operations. After such surgery, patients recover more quickly and return to their normal life.

  • Endoscopic internal urethrotomy (EIU) – endoscopic surgery of urethral stenosis
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PCNL) – endoscopic surgery of kidney stones.
  • Mini Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy –MiniPCNL
  • Transurethal resection of the prostate (TUR-P) – endoscopic surgery of prostate adenoma
  • Monopolar transurethralresection of prostate(M-TURP)
  • Bipolar TURPand HOLEP
  • Cystolithotripsy- endoscopic surgery of bladder stones
  • Transurethral resectionof bladder tumors(TUR)
  • Ureterorenoscopy (URS) and Ureterolithotripsy (ULT) – endoscopic holmium laser surgery of urethral stones
  • Flexible Ureterorenoscopy



  • Laparoscopic nephrectomy – laparoscopic kidney removal
  • Laparoscopic pyeloplasty – reconstructive surgery of kidney ureteropelvic junction obstruction
  • Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy – laparoscopic removal of stones from ureter



  • Surgical and conservative treatment of male infertility with the most modern methods
  • Microscopic varicocelectomy
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries of the penis – penis extension, curvature correction
  • Dorsal penile vein ligation in case of premature ejaculation
  • Execution of microscopic TESE and MESA operations
  • Assistance in penile priapism
  • Repair of penile fractures



  • Performance of TOT surgery in case of urinary incontinence
  • Injection of botulinum toxic in the bladder – in the neurogenic urinary bladder


GENERAL UROLOGY (open surgeries)

  • Open nephrectomy – open kidney removal
  • Open prostatectomy – in large-scale prostates
  • Open ureterolithotomy – open surgery on large uretheral stones
  • Anatrophic nephrolitotomy – open surgery on coral-shaped and complex kidney stones
  • Pyelolithotomy – open kidney stone surgery
  • Open radical surgeries in the tumors of urogenital organs



  • Partial and radical nephrectomy – radical removal of kidney along with surrounding tissues in renal tumors
  • Radical nephroureterectomy – removal of kidney along with surrounding tissues and urethra in tumor of urethra and renal pelvis
  • Radical prostatectomy – radical removal of prostate and seminal vesicle along with regional lymph nodes in prostate cancer
  • Radical cystectomy and urinary diversion – removal of urinary bladder in invasive bladder tumors
  • In urinary bladder tumors – transurethral resection (TUR)
  • Radical orchiectomy and partial orchiectomy in testis cancer

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