Waiting halls

Participating in your own care has many advantages. Your doctor, nurse and other healthcare providers welcome your involvement.

Bona Dea International Hospital has visitation policy during 18:00 – 20:00 hours. However, there may be exceptions during visitation time when needed.

Bona Dea International Hospital has also provided patients’ and patient visitors’ convenience having a parking space in project of the construction.

There is also a worship room as a sign of respect and attention to the spiritual values of the people visiting the hospital.

Patients and patient visitors will be able to use the free Wi-Fi service at the hospital.

Waiting halls

We have considered to provide customer satisfaction to visitors of Bona Dea International Hospital. Our standardized waiting room reduces the stress of visitors and patients and ensure their comfort. The interior green park has also been created inside our waiting room. Additionally, to manage your time effectively you will find useful information on the screens installed in waiting room.

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Why choose Bona Dea International Hospital

Our hospital’s greatest strength is the passion of our investors to implement a challenging, span-new and unique concept in the Caspian region: a hospital based on western, European quality care. This implies that offering the highest standards of European health care services is the main purpose of our hospital. We aim to achieve this goal by working with a large European medical, paramedical and management staff and by partnering with leading medical institutions within the EU.


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