Health is priceless, trust the best.

Health is priceless, trust the best.

Health is priceless, trust the best.

Health is priceless, trust the best.

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Health is priceless, trust the best.

We really want to be an international hospital by opening our hospital doors to Azerbaijanians, foreign citizens, diplomats, medical tourists and all patients worldwide.

Medical Care

The patient is our central focus. Every patient requires a unique treatment. Personal relationships, communication, empathy, listening, information, respect and involvement of the patient and their family in their care are the main attributes of our patient-centered care.

Emergency Help

At our Emergency Department, we make sure that all our patients are taken care of as fast as necessary whilst ensuring that the visit is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Medical Efficiency

Our staff as well as the hospital itself strive for a maximum level of efficiency; working in a well-organized way and achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted expense.

Qualified Doctors

How do you know that you can believe the ratings you see online? Choosing the right doctor can be difficult. Bona Dea International Hospital is committed to helping you find the right physician for you with ratings you can trust.

Our Services

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Have some Questions?

You should bring your identity card when you visit to our hospital for the use of our services.

The doctors in our hospital work full-time.

When you meet any problem on your bill you can contact the head of Patient Services.

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